Terms and Conditions

  1. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the SELLER payment is due within 30 days from the
    date of the SELLERS invoice.
  2. Any discount which the SELLER may have granted to the Buyer shall be forfeited by the BUYER if
    payment is not made to the seller on the due date.
  3. The BUYER shall pay interest on all amounts in respect of which payment is overdue. Such interest
    shall be calculated at prime overdraft rate in effect on the date of invoice, plus 2%.
  4. Payment may not be withheld pending the settlement of any claims or dispute and in the event of any
    amount due to the SELLER being handed to an attorney for collection, the BUYER shall pay the
    collection fee and all attorney and client charges thereby incurred by the Seller.
  5. All risks in respect of the goods shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery but ownership shall remain
    vested with the SELLER until payment of the purchase price is made in full.
  6. Should the BUYER, until the full purchase price has been paid, fail or neglect to carry out any terms of
    this order or commit any breach hereof, or fail to pay any installment of other amounts or money due
    in terms hereof on due date or assign his estate for the benefit of or compromise with his Creditors, or
    be sequestrated or being a Company, go into voluntary or compulsory liquidation, or do suffer to be
    done any act or thing which may prejudice the SELLER’S rights in terms hereof, or die, then the
    SELLER shall be entitled, without prejudice to any other rights which it may have either:
    a) To demand payment of the balance of the purchase price, and/or
    b) To cancel the sale, in which event the BUYER shall be obliged to return the goods at his own risk and
    to the SELLER’S address as the SELLER may nominate and in which event all amounts previously
    by the BUYER to the SELLER shall be retained by the SELLER arising from the sue of the goods by
  7. The BUYER acknowledges that this Order, constitutes the entire agreement between him and the
    SELLER and that, no act, representation, guarantee or warranty of any nature save as recoded in the
    Order was done, give to made by the SELLER or its members, agents, employees or any other
    person. Any agreement varying the terms and conditions hereof shall be of no force or effect unless
    contained in writing and signed by the SELLER and the BUYER, and no verbal agreement shall have

any force or effect.

  1. The BUYER acknowledges that there are no mistakes in this Order and that this correctly reflects the
    agreement between the parties.
    All information contained in or linked to this website was to the best of our knowledge timely, complete and
    accurate when issued. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in this material.
    Some of our products are only offered in specific markets, it is advisable to obtain information regarding
    availability from us beforehand on such products.
    All goods are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions.
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